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Recipes FAQs

Got a question relating to our recipes?

We've compiled our list of most frequently asked recipe questions below for you. Can't find an answer to your question? Get in touch with us.

Do you cater for vegan/vegetarian?

Yes! We have a variety of recipes available. Our vegan/vegetarian range continues to grow. However, non-vegan recipes can be used with vegan alternatives. Such as using dairy free cheese instead of cow’s milk cheese.

Are these recipes suitable for a weight loss diet?

All recipes have been created with fitness in mind. Whatever your goal, we have a delicious recipe for you. Some recipes have the option of making it lighter by using alternatives. Such as using spiralized vegetables instead of pasta.

How hard are these recipes to make?

All our recipes have been made with our client’s in mind. We know that, unlike us, you don’t have hours to spend slaving away in the kitchen. That’s why we have tried to make all our recipes quick and easy to follow. With ingredients most will have at home, and most taking under 30 minutes to cook, we believe everyone can give our recipes a good go.

Are these recipes suitable for someone who wants to gain weight and build muscle?

Abso-Flamin’-lutely! Most of our meals and snacks have a high protein content which is crucial for gaining muscle. Our balanced recipes also ensure the bulk you’re undergoing is a clean one. Our recipes may not be written with sufficient calories for you when aiming to gain weight, so just bulk them out more. Make a bigger portion size or add in some extra calorific ingredients. All our recipes can be adapted to suit your specific goal.