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Workout Plans

Fire up your training with our wide range of customisable and reusable workout plans. 

With male and female-focused plans, performance-related and gym or home-based plans, we believe everyone can get their sweat on with Flamin’ Fitness. At Flamin’, we don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach that’s why we put the choice back in training. Choose a plan tailored to your specific goal/lifestyle, choose the number of days that you can commit to and choose from a range of exercises that you’re most comfortable with. All our workout plans are auto-regulated, meaning that based on your own experience of the workout, the future workouts will update to the correct progressions/adaptations. Each plan is roughly 6 weeks long to allow for amazing results, they all include a de-load week to let your burnt out body rest. Once you’ve finished, go back to the start, change the exercises and begin again! A customised programme tailored to you that can be used for years to come, a true example of Fuelling Forever Fitness.