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Workout Plans FAQs

Got a question relating to our workout plans?

We've compiled our list of most frequently asked questions below for you. Can't find an answer to your question? Get in touch with us and one of our coaches will aim to get back to you within 24 hours.

Which workout plan should I choose?

Shoot us an email or enquire via social media for a 24 hour turnaround response. One of our coaches will ask a few questions regarding your lifestyle, training history and goal and give an appropriate recommendation.

Do I need to have a gym membership?

No! You don’t need a gym to fire up your fitness. We have home based, workout plans available such as our Dumbbell Destroyer and Bodyweight Burner plans. The majority of our programmes do use some form of resistance so it may be worthwhile investing in a gym membership or weight set.

Can I follow these plans alongside my other sport/training? 

Of course! Flamin’ Fitness offers a range of workout plans that suit all lifestyles. Most plans would probably enhance performance in a multitude of sports.

What if I find my plan too hard?

All plans start with an introductory week, this allows you to get to know the exercises and grasp how the workouts flow. Some people may find this week fairly easy, others may find it overkill. That’s okay! Due to our rating system, if you are truthful with how hard you found the workout, the future workouts will update accordingly for you. The workload will adapt to your own personal response. These plans will be tough work for all, whether a complete newbie or a experienced gym goer. But the workload will be customised to you, to make sure you are training most effectively for you. If you are really struggling, fire us an email.

How do I know what exercises to choose from the range given?

At Flamin’ Fitness, we aim to make fitness a personal pursuit, that’s why all of our plans are customisable, so you can achieve your goals the way you want to. All exercise options given for workouts are all safe and effective options. We have included a range to suit all of our client’s needs. If you’re new to training, why not try out the exercises and find out what ones your find best for you. No exercise options trumps another, all will help you reach those goals.