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How To Use The Leg Extension Machine

Instructional Video


Written Instructions

  1. Jump onto the leg extension machine so that you’re sat upright with your back flat against the back pad. The seat should be sitting snuggly behind your knees.
  2. Adjust the feet pad by using the handle that is normally located next to your seat. Bring it up towards the sky, place your legs out straight with your toes pointing up at the sky and make sure the feet pad is resting on top of your foot, touching the front of your ankle.
  3. Set the machine to the desired weight.
  4. Use the handle again to adjust the feet pad. This time bring it right down to the bottom as far as you can go, your legs should be directly underneath you, at around 90 degrees or more. This is the starting position.
  5. Keeping your bum down and your back flat, fire the foot pad upwards to try to make your legs parallel to the floor.
  6. Once your legs are straight out in front of you, gradually lower the foot pad back down, making sure not to slam the weights.
  7. Repeat for desired reps.


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